How do I add MailChimp to my website

Add a block by going into edit mode on this website an hovering over the area that you want to add your MailChimp sign up block. We're adding this because we want people to sign up to our Mailchimp. This block won't show anything from MailChimp, its purely a sign up function (as shown below).

Scroll down on the list of blocks you can have. It will appear under 'MORE' and be called 'Newsletter'.

You will need to select 'Storage' from the options in the top right corner. Then click on 'Connect MailChimp' You may need to be signed into your MailChimp at the time, or have your username and password handy.

Once people add their email address into the form above, it should automatically load into your MailChimp database.

For more information - check out this website

How do I enter EDIT MODE

Once you've signed in to your Squarespace website, you will see the CMS (content management system) on the left of the screen, and your website on the right. Navigate to the page you wish to edit and hover over the page. You'll see a black bar pop up that says 'PAGE CONTENT   EDIT   SETTINGS'. Click on EDIT and you'll be in Edit Mode.

How do I add a Content Block

Once in Edit Mode, hover over the lefthand side of your page, you'll see little grey bubbles appear. These allow you to add blocks, the lines that appear next to the bubbles point out where your content block will be entered.
Content Blocks can be anything from text to videos, to images and so on...