Past, Present and Future

The Disability Resource Service West Coast aims to provide disability and health related information to disabled people, older people, family/whanau and others who support the rights of everyone to live good lives in their communities. 

Historically there has been excellent provision of information via the Disability Information Service in Greymouth. Eventually it became no longer viable to have a Centre in Greymouth so the service was provided from the Queenstown Disabilities Resource Centre. This was not successful so the NZ Federation of Disability Information Centres has introduced the Disability Resource Service West Coast and is looking at innovative ways to provide high quality disability, health related and community information in the area.

The Federation contracted Russ Aiton to focus on research and development of innovations. One of the projects Russ initiated was the introduction of an 'Information Kiosk'. The Kiosk has been placed in various locations on the West Coast and initial evaluation shows that there are some improvements needed to the design. We will continue to work on this and other projects to enhance the lives of people in our communities.

Our two very experienced Information Consultants are the 'front line' of the West Coast Disability Resource Service. They are constantly adding to databases of useful information, including accessible accommodation, and they act as a clearing house for information that other agencies want to distribute. Jenny (Greymouth) and Robin (Westport) maintain this website and the WCDRS Facebook page.

The Federation is dedicated to ensuring that people all over New Zealand have access to the information they need. We work with local communities using a collective impact approach which ensures services are relevant for the local area. The Federation provides the 'backbone' for the service which means that management functions are provided from a national base, while service provision itself remains local. The Federation President, Elinor Stratford, is a West Coaster and others in our Executive Team have family connections with the Coast.

We thank everyone on the Coast who attended our community meetings and we look forward to working with you into the future.