Total Mobility Scheme

What is Total Mobility?

The Total Mobility Scheme provides subsidised taxi services to people who have an impairment that prevents them from undertaking a journey unaccompanied, on a bus, train or ferry in a safe and dignified manner.

The scheme provides vouchers or electronic cards to eligible scheme members that discount the normal taxi (or specialist transport provider) fare by 50 percent up to a maximum fare (set by the relevant regional council.)

Is it available in the West Coast?

The Total Mobility scheme operates in:




Participating taxi companies

The following taxi companies accept Total Mobility vouchers. None of them provides a wheelchair hoist service.

Buller Taxis 03 789 6900

Greymouth Taxis 03 768 7078

Hokitika Taxis 03 755 5075

West Coast Shuttle (West Coast residents only) 03 768 0028


The level of subsidy is 50% per trip.

The maximum contribution per trip is $15. (This means the council will pay half of your taxi fare up to a maximum meter fare of $30. Any additional fare over that amount you must pay in full yourself.)

Restrictions to the Total Mobility scheme on the West Coast

Users are limited to 25 vouchers per month.

Return trips are not covered by one voucher. Separate vouchers must be used for each trip.

Note: if you are from Auckland or Wellington where a smart card is used, you will need to obtain vouchers before you travel.

Find out more

Nichola Costley - Regional Total Mobility coordinator

03 768 0466 or 0508 800 118 (freephone)


West Coast Regional Council

PO Box 66