The West Coast DRS Kiosk

What is the kiosk?

The Kiosk is a mobile unit that provides a static display and interactive media, giving communities access to up to date, relevant and impartial information from the disability and health sectors.

Why is it on the west coast?

The West Coast has a long history of providing information and support relating to disability and health matters via the Disability Information Service that was based in Greymouth.

Sadly the centre had to close leaving a gap in the provision of information around disability and community information, particularly in rural and remote areas of the West Coast.

The Federation of Disability Information Centres are committed to ensuring disability information and advisory services are available on the West Coast and identified an opportunity to undertake research on how best to provide that.

A Regional Manager was appointed under contract to them in 2016 to re-establish the network meetings and contacts and to explore the best way to reach West Coast communities and provide them with access to disability information and support. The Federation also contracted two Information Consultants in Greymouth and Westport.

The Kiosk is a pilot scheme for the West Coast and has gained the support and interest of the Coasters. 

What information does it offer?

The Kiosk primarily provides information via the internet and access to Disability focused web pages such as WEKA, Enable NZ, the West Coast Disability Service web and Facebook pages.

This access can also be extended to include information from specific community groups or government agencies in support of regional or national initiatives. For example the media content recently supported and reflected the national Occupational Therapy Week and videos demonstrated various aspects of the OT’s job and specifically to the Coast.

how do i access the information on it?

Information is accessed by any one of six media buttons located on the front of the Kiosk and each of these represents a specific video that can be in many formats, for example a PowerPoint presentation can be uploaded as a video file and utilised for teaching/workshops.

There is also an iPad which can link external information sites relevant to the media content as well as the previously mentioned disability information web sites.

CAN I put information about my organisation on it?

You can arrange to have your information on the Kiosk by contacting either the Regional Manager or the Information Consultants. Contact information for both can be found on our Facebook page: our web site or you can contact our Regional Manager direct email: or Cell: 0211544597. We have a calendar of events for the Kiosk in 2017 and are happy to talk to you on facilitating information about your organisation that coincides with your own event/initiative.

how do i know where to find it?

The Kiosk is placed in different locations around the West Coast and you can find where it currently is by visiting our Facebook and Webpages as well as contacting our Regional Manager direct.

can my organisation host the kiosk?

We would be delighted to discuss your needs and visit you to explore the accessibility and suitability of a proposed Kiosk placement with you for a period of time. Perhaps this could coincide with your own local initiative or be part of a regional information strategy.

Please contact us for further information on how we can support you.

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